We're changing the conversation in commerce with the world's first Retail Customer Experience Automation platform.

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Pampered Chef Wins With CX Automation
Lamps Plus and Linc CX Automation
Carters Osh Kosh and Linc CX Automation
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Scout and Cellar and Linc CX Automation
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PacSun and Linc CX Automation Platform

CX Automation Built For Retail

An infinitely scalable digital workforce supporting your human workforce to deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

Explore the Platform

Offer Options

Consultative Selling

Offer automated consultative selling to help your customers find the product they want with the level of personal service they expect.

Consultative Selling

Answer Questions

Buying Assistance

Provide assistance on checking out, locating stores, navigating promotions, finding products, and answering all buying-related questions.

Buying Assistance

Resolve Issues

Post Purchase Order Support

Deliver post-purchase support beyond simple track-and-track with real-time engagement and issue resolution.

Post Purchase Order Support

Keep Them Coming Back

Customer Retention

Provide a simplified reorder process and fast warranty look-ups, while supporting loyalty programs and streamlined subscription options.

Customer Retention

Empower Your Agents

Empower Your Live Agents

Bring together the power of a digital workforce with the skill of your human agents for extraordinary customer experiences.

Empower Your Live Agents

Changing the Conversation

Linc helps create extraordinary experiences at scale that span the customer lifecycle to grow revenue, reduce support costs, and increase sales conversions.

Automated, Not Robotic

Conversational Customer AI that uses natural language so there is no need for manual coding or scripted dialog flows.

Built for Retail

Built-in skills to understand your customers' intents and how to resolve their inquiries, and integrations with the leading retail platforms.

Faster Time to Value

Go to market in weeks—not months—with performance-based pricing and no integration or surprise charges.