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Resolve order issues without redirection, ensuring  first-time buyers become repeat customers.

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Automated end-to-end resolution,
once and for all

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Resolve Order Issues Quicker

Automate resolution on hundreds of retail and e-commerce order issues, quickly slashing ticket volumes and cutting overhead costs.

Returns Made Easy

Enhance the returns/exchange process with flexible options. Provide store inventory, drop-off locations, and more to simplify the experience.

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Turn Service Interactions into Revenue

Transform service moments into sales, providing contextual "in-the-moment" recommendations. Seamlessly combine service alerts and conversational assistance across channels to drive revenue.

Instant Order Tracking

Provide real-time shipping and WISMO (Where Is My Order) updates directly from fulfillment feeds for detailed in-app order tracking.

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Linc widget helping customer

Delight After Delivery

Enable opt-in/opt-out notifications for post-delivery customer contact. Offer promotions, subscribe-and-save, and loyalty program enrollment at your chosen intervals to foster retention.

Trusted by Top Retail Brands

“PacSun, together with Linc, is poised to set a new standard in customer experience across eCommerce and digital retail, outpacing their competition in providing unparalleled customer satisfaction.”

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Shirley Gao
Chief Information Officer, PacSun

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"Before Linc, consumer complaints and CSAT scores were our top issues, now – it doesn’t even make our weekly concerns list.”

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Shiv Dutt
VP Customer Experience & Innovation, Pampered Chef

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Food prepared by Pampered Chef

"Linc is a true innovation partner. They not only understand technology and AI, they helped us build our own automation roadmap and execute it."

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Carolina Servigna
Director of Technology, PureFormulas

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