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Help your customers buy with AI

Offer tailored product recommendations with AI that masters your largest catalogs and delivers scalable, 1:1 interactions.

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Expert Assistance to Ensure
Each Purchase Happens

Product Guidance for Customers

Expert Product Guidance for Your Customers

Our AI understands customer preferences and learns from vast catalogs to answer your customer’s specific product-related questions, no matter how complex.

Personalized Shopping Experiences

Go beyond product search with AI’s consultative help. Satisfy customers quickly by considering stock inventory, desired arrival times, and complex product preferences.

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Linc showing anticipated messages to customer

Anticipate Buying Needs through Chat

Proactively engage customers with AI Chat in real-time, tailoring messages customers receive based on their browsing behavior, location, and buying habits.

Excellence from Online to In-Store

Enhance the customer journey seamlessly, with online-to-in-store excellence. Provide store inventory, locations, and more to improve the omnichannel shopping experience.

Linc guiding user to nearby store
Linc chatbot giving discounts to customers

Promotions that Drive Conversions

Easily guide customers to discover special offers or use promotions that will help you take your sales conversions to the next level.

Smart Product Recommendations

Deliver predictive recommendations that are tailored to unique shopper characteristics and buying behavior. Suggest relevant products aligning with their needs and preferences.

Linc chatbot showing product recommendations
Linc chatbot having conversation in users language

Talk to Shoppers in their Language

Provide assistance on multiple languages across regions, ensuring you are meeting the needs of your shoppers worldwide.

Trusted by Top Retail Brands

“PacSun, together with Linc, is poised to set a new standard in customer experience across eCommerce and digital retail, outpacing their competition in providing unparalleled customer satisfaction.”

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Shirley Gao
Chief Information Officer, PacSun

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"Before Linc, consumer complaints and CSAT scores were our top issues, now – it doesn’t even make our weekly concerns list.”

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Shiv Dutt
VP Customer Experience & Innovation, Pampered Chef

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Food prepared by Pampered Chef

"Linc is a true innovation partner. They not only understand technology and AI, they helped us build our own automation roadmap and execute it."

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Carolina Servigna
Director of Technology, PureFormulas

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