Leave No Question Unanswered

Buying Assistance: Leave No Customer Question Unanswered With Linc

Deliver Unparalleled Guidance

Nothing stops a sale like an unanswered question. Easily guide your customers through the buying conversation with contextual understanding and empathy.

Help your customers find the items they're looking for and either help them make the purchase immediately or guide them to the nearest store location that has the item in stock.

Provide Product Location And In-Store Availability

Increase Promotion Awareness

Provide assistance to your customers by identifying past and present promotions to reduce cart abandonment, increase CSAT, and ensure they get the value they expect.

Provide real-time assistance in identifying and applying active promotions or a clear explanation as to why a code may not work.

Intuitive Promotion Support

Ready to leave no question unanswered?

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