Pure Formulas Leverages Cross Channel Automation With Linc CX Platform

Of customers used the automated refer-a-friend functionality
Automation of customer inquiries

Pure Formulas Success Working With Linc

PureFormulas, the nation’s leading online health supplements retailer, wanted to adapt their customer experience to changing customer behavior.

Their shoppers were eager to connect with them on new conversational channels such as SMS and Facebook Messenger, and PureFormulas knew they needed the right technology partner to help them successfully extend their customer experience to this new terrain.

PureFormulas selected Linc for the ability to deliver a customer care automation solution that leverages the latest in AI and commerce-specialized natural language understanding, avoiding the expense and burden of a custom-built solution.

PureFormulas recognized that, as an innovator in customer experience, Linc had the proven expertise to enable brands to automate customer care via conversational channels like Facebook Messenger and voice platforms such as Amazon Alexa.

Engaging Customers Across Channels To Drive Results

Convenience takes center stage

  • Customers can now engage with PureFormulas through new channels such as Amazon Alexa, SMS, and Facebook Messenger.
  • PureFormulas can continue to communicate through these channels with highly relevant messages that lead to new conversions.
  • With only 6% of all bot interactions needing to be handed over to an agent, customers are easily able to get the answers to the majority of their questions

Real-time, on-demand order information

Customers can access order information quickly and easily, have their questions answered in real-time and are offered highly relevant product recommendations.

Data-driven personalized interactions

With Linc’s CX platform, PureFormulas can use customer data more readily, creating interactions that are more personalized, relevant and effective at creating return shoppers.

In addition, over 36% of PureFormulas customers have used the automated refer-a-friend functionality in order to provide a seamless way to grow the customer base.

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