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Average Revenue Generated Per Automated Session
Higher Engagement With Opt-In Shoppers
Customer Assistance Inquiries Resolved

The Linc Customer Experience Automation platform delivers real conversations that solve real problems from pre-purchase to post-purchase and everything in between.

Consultative Selling Digital Worker Example
ConsultatiVE Selling
Offer Your Customers Personalized Consultations

Help your customers find what they want with the same level of personal service online as they get in-store with Linc’s Consultative Selling Digital Workers.

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Make Buying Easier for Your Customers

Provide assistance on checking out, locating stores, navigating promotions, and answering all customer questions with Linc’s Buying Assistance Digital Workers.

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Buying Assistance Digital Worker CX Platform Example
Post Purchase Order Support Digital Worker Example
Support Your Customers After the Sale

Provide your customers with post purchase order support from pre-fulfillment to post-delivery, and everything in between.

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Customer Retention
Turn First-time Buyers into Lifelong Customers

Keep your customers coming back for more by providing a simplified reorder process, fast warranty look-ups,   loyalty program support, and subscribe-and-save options.

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Customer Retention Digital Worker CX Platform Example
Empower Live Chat Agents Through Linc CX Automation Platform Example
Empower Live Chat and Customer Support Teams

By resolving common, repetitive inquiries with your digital workforce, your highly trained human workforce can focus on issues only they can resolve.

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