Levi's Strauss Drives 85%+ CSAT Scores With Google Business Messages

More store-related questions than web chat
Increase in CSAT scores after 2 months with Business Messages

Google Business Messages and Linc Drive 85% CSAT Scores For Levi Strauss

Two months after launching Google’s Business Messages, Levi’s CSAT scores surpassed 85%.

Four months after launch, Levi’s found that this new channel drove 30x more store-related questions than web chat.

Additionally, Levi’s noted that 31% of Business Messages conversations were product-related, indicating that shoppers preferred targeted engagement to unstructured browsing.

For Levi’s, Business Messages helps cross-sell or suggest products to customers based on an individual’s past purchases, personal information, and behaviors.

Levi’s Case Study Summary

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Levi’s saw that their shoppers were investing more time in pre-purchase research. They realized that being able to provide customers with information around the clock in an easily accessible way could greatly improve interest, engagement, and eventually purchase behavior.

In June 2020, Levi’s partnered with customer experience automation provider Linc Global to integrate Google’s Business Messages into Levi’s customer experience (CX) strategy and cross-channel chat experiences.

Business Messages soon brought in customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores of over 85 percent, and drove 30x more store-related questions than Levi’s onsite web chat.

In addition, most Business Messages conversations occurred outside store hours, allowing Levi’s to respond to inquiries more quickly.

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