Key Takeaways: Choosing the Right AI Solution Webinar

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, customer support is a cornerstone of a brand's success. As businesses seek to enhance customer experiences, harnessing the power of AI has become a strategic imperative. But how do you find the right solution for your unique business needs?

Linc’s VP of Customer Success, Karen Mimieux, sat down with CX Strategist Gabriela Contreras to dive into AI Chat & Customer Service Automation, highlighting key strategies to use when evaluating new AI partners and spotlighting how top brands like PacSun leverage this technology to achieve outstanding results.

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Pre-Trained AI and Accuracy: The Bedrock of Efficiency

One of the critical success factors in implementing AI for customer support lies in harnessing pre-trained AI models with high accuracy. These models have the ability to swiftly address specific issues and questions by learning from vast datasets tailored to a particular industry or use case. This focus ensures that the AI can deliver precise and relevant responses, reducing the time required to onboard and the implementation complexity. 

Gabriela Contreras shared that brands should partner with AI solutions that have a benchmark accuracy of 95% or greater.

“In the space of digital commerce and retail, you really want to be probing for 95%, which is best in class accuracy, and really be asking your vendors to provide you with their accuracy rates. It’s a critical data point to consider.”

Vertical AI: Solving for Specific Use Cases Drives Better Results

Vertical AI, or industry-specific AI, offers targeted solutions that align with the unique challenges faced by a particular sector. Just as you wouldn't search for your lost keys under a streetlight if they fell on a dark road, businesses should consider solutions that cater to their niche needs. Vertical AI platforms offer predefined workflows and resolutions tailored to industries, ensuring rapid deployment and addressing the specific pain points customers encounter.

"Vertical AI is about creating specialized AI solutions for specific industries or business sectors."

Seamless AI-Human Collaboration: Elevating Customer Experiences

Rather than replacing human agents, AI can be used to augment their capabilities. By automatically handling routine inquiries and seamlessly transferring complex cases to human agents, AI allows brands to create more efficient processes. This collaborative approach not only drives operational efficiency but also enables customer support teams to focus on more strategic tasks that demand human expertise. 

However, it’s important to select AI vendors that prioritize smooth hand-off to live agents. For example, how will the AI platform equip live agents with relevant information and case details in a timely manner? While AI can be used to automate some customer needs, it’s critical to create a process by which live agents are enabled and supported to foster brand loyalty.

Proven Resolution Through Automation: Transforming Customer Journeys

AI's transformative potential is particularly evident in automating resolution for common customer inquiries. While routine queries once demanded extensive customer service resources, AI now enables automated resolution with remarkable accuracy. 

This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also allows customer service teams to focus on complex, value-added interactions that require human intervention.

As an example, PacSun has achieved greater customer resolution than ever with AI Chat & Customer Service Automation.

“PacSun has driven faster resolution than ever before with AI Chat & Customer Service Automation, and we're really proud of that. And again, since we're using that vertically focused AI model, we're really able to come in and drive impact very quickly.”

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