Chat Your Brand to Success With Linc AI Powered Proactive Webchat

Imagine a world where every customer who visits your online store feels personally welcomed, understood, and guided throughout their entire shopping journey. A world where their needs are anticipated, questions are answered in real-time, and personalized recommendations are just a chat away.

This is the power of Linc's AI-Powered Proactive Webchat—a revolutionary tool that not only engages customers but transforms them into loyal brand advocates.

linc ai powered proactive webchat example

Linc AI Webchat Cross-Buy Use Case

Based on Linc's AI-powered proactive webchat, let's say Ann is a frequent buyer of makeup lines products such as lipsticks. However, her recent browsing history indicates an interest in moisturizers and skincare products.

This is the perfect opportunity to chat with Ann proactively and guide her towards her first cross-buy experience, thereby increasing her customer lifetime value.

“Hey Ann! Loving our lipsticks? Try our hydrating moisturizers for a fresh and radiant glow. I'm here to help you find the perfect match. Let's enhance your beauty routine together!”

linc ai webchat corss buy use cases

In today's highly competitive e-commerce landscape, customer engagement is more crucial than ever. In this article, we will explore how proactive webchat can boost revenue and loyalty by delivering personalized and contextual experiences to your valued customers.

The article will also provide a step-by-step introduction to the customer journey, starting from their first visit to your website, through the process of placing an order, and even covering the post-purchase services once the purchase is complete, and other marketing related use case such as your brand’s loyalty program. 

How Linc AI Webchat Optimizes The Customer Journey

  1. Contextualized / personalized greeting: welcoming new and existing customers naturally
  2. Subscribe to your brand’s email list to hear about special offers and products news
  3. Assisting customers with product questions
  4. Nudge or proactively help customers to checkout: promotion finder, promotion issue
  5. Post purchase: order tracking, return, looking for order: including product recommendations to increase sales
  6. Brand loyalty program  management

1. Contextualized & Personalized Greetings - Driven Brands Case Study to New Visitor

Contextualized greetings are a crucial component of proactive webchat as they help tailor the greeting to the customer's specific needs. Driven Brands, a reputable provider of automotive services and one of Linc's webchat customers, has successfully implemented proactive webchat on its Take5 website.

By analyzing the webpage contents, the proactive webchat feature welcomes visitors with personalized messages based on their chosen service. For instance, when a shopper visits the oil change page, the greeting message reads, "How can I help?" and provides potential shoppers with reasons for their visit, such as "Oil change fleet program signup" or "Find the nearest oil change store." On the other hand, when the shopper switches to the car wash page, the proactive webchat feature provides assistance with "Car Wash Fleet Program Signup" and "Finding the nearest car wash location," respectively.

Furthermore, an advanced personalized proactive webchat strategy could identify user types based on referral sources. For example, ideally, potential fleet customers who visited the site from B2B ads can be presented with a "Fleet program sign-up" option, while other visitors who are more likely to be retail customers will not be promoted with the fleet sign-up option. 

Lastly, if the shopper has more complex inquiries, they can be seamlessly transferred to a real agent who can assist them in real-time. By implementing contextualized greeting proactive webchat to welcome new visitors, businesses can engage with them and provide personalized service information to anticipate their needs with proactive assistance.

The Power of Personalized Greetings To Increase Customers LTV and Loyalty

Saving on Frequent Purchases

“Hey there, chocolate enthusiasts! We've got fantastic news for you. For a limited time, you can enjoy a whopping 20% off our ever-popular Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt! 🌰🌊”

ai webchat personalized greetings increase customer ltv

Recommending Add-On Items Based on Previous Purchases - Skin Care Products

“Based on your previous purchase, we suggest our hydrating moisturizer. Experience refreshed and revitalized skin with an extra boost of hydration. Curious to learn more? Feel free to ask us anything about this product! 💦💫”

webchat recommending addon items based previous purchase

Providing VIP Experiences with Newly Launched Products

“Hello VIP! We have an exciting new product just for you – the Aging Defender Mask. Experience the ultimate in anti-aging skincare with this rejuvenating masterpiece. Don't miss out – secure your VIP experience now! 💆‍♀️🌼💫”

Live Event Invitation: Join Our Live Mother's Day Recipe Event and Discover New Uses for Your Stone Rectangular Baker!

“Hey, Lisa! How's that Stone Rectangular Baker treating you? The Mother's Day recipe extravaganza is happening live right now! Come join in on the fun and get some cooking inspiration!”

ai webchat offering live event invitation

Personalized greetings are a simple yet powerful way to engage with your customers and enhance their experience on your website. By addressing them by their first and last name, you can establish a sense of familiarity and build a stronger relationship with them. However, a more sophisticated personalized greeting can take things a step further, driving more revenue and increasing customer loyalty.

By leveraging data on their previous purchases, you can proactively suggest ways for them to save on frequently bought items, recommend add-on items that complement their previous purchases, invite them to try out newly launched products, and ultimately drive traffic to your website's live event programs, and more.

Providing these personalized messages certainly makes your customers feel special and valued.

In summary, personalized greetings are a small but impactful way to improve your customer experience and drive revenue.

According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, it was found that personalized greetings resulted in a 19% increase in sales and a 21% increase in customer satisfaction.

By leveraging customer data and proactively suggesting ways to save or enhance their purchases, you can show your customers that you value their business and build a stronger relationship with them.

2. Optimize Email and SMS Marketing ROI through Proactive Webchat

AI powered webchat gives your brand the ability to seamlessly and naturally encourage new visitors to subscribe through email and SMS.


In today's digital era, email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses to drive sales and revenue. According to a survey conducted by Campaign Monitor, email marketing has an average ROI of 4,200%, indicating its high effectiveness in boosting the bottom line.

To maximize the ROI of email marketing, businesses need to build a robust email list. One effective way to achieve this is by implementing proactive webchat that encourages new visitors to subscribe to your brand's mailing list.

For example, Kind Snacks, one of Linc's webchat customers, offers visitors a 20% discount when they sign up to join the mailing list to receive exclusive offers and product information.

By incentivizing visitors to subscribe, Kind Snacks can collect valuable email and birthday data for their CRM system and generate revenue in the long term.

By leveraging proactive webchat to encourage new visitors to subscribe, businesses can increase the size and quality of their email list, improve customer engagement, and ultimately drive more sales and revenue.

proactive webchat optimize roi email sms


SMS marketing boasts significantly higher open rates compared to email marketing, with an average open rate of approximately 90%.

Leveraging SMS marketing through Linc's proactive webchat can effectively prompt tailored messages to potential shoppers who are on the shopping cart page, thereby encouraging conversions.

To capture shoppers' attention and make them feel valued, it is essential to keep the opt-in process concise. 

For instance, a personalized message like;

Hi Mike, ready to checkout? Opt-in to our exclusive SMS marketing to enjoy an additional 20% off on your current order' - this can be utilized. Including call-to-action (CTA) buttons such as 'Opt in now' and 'Opt-out options' emphasizes that opting-in for SMS marketing simply requires providing the phone number while also reassuring shoppers about privacy and providing the ability to opt-out.

This approach helps instill a sense of benefit and value for shoppers who opt-in to the brand's SMS marketing campaigns.

ai proactive webchat sms opt in

3. Proactive Webchat is a Helpful Personal Shopper Concierge to Assist Customers

Linc's proactive webchat serves as a shopper concierge, not only answering customers' product-related questions during their online shopping experience but also providing personalized recommendations based on their specific needs. By utilizing Linc's proactive webchat, businesses can effectively engage shoppers, drive revenue, and foster customer loyalty.

First, proactive webchat acts as a shopping concierge, providing timely assistance to customers with their product questions. Let's take Kipling, a globally recognized fashion brand known for its high-quality handbags, backpacks, and accessories, as an example.

When a shopper is browsing the product detail page (PDP) of a spacious rolling luggage bag, implementing proactive webchat can make a significant impact. The digital shopper concierge should proactively ask, "Planning a fun trip? Take a look at this bag! 😊✈️ Get all the info you need: cabin size, waterproof features, weight, and more.

Click below to explore further!" Customers will be enticed to click on the proactive message or call-to-action (CTA) buttons such as "Discover more" to connect with a digital worker for product questions or "Add to cart" to directly add the item to their shopping cart.

proactive ai webchat helpful shopping concierge

Secondly, proactive webchat acts as a shopper concierge, making shopping easier by explaining product benefits and recommending suitable products to customers.

Let's take Joanne as an example. She is on the product detail page for a brightening toner, searching for reviews.

This is the perfect opportunity for the shopper concierge, through proactive webchat, to engage with Joanne and ask her about her skin concerns.

Based on her purchase history and the current webpage contents she is browsing, the shopper concierge can proactively recommend suitable products tailored to her needs.

proactive ai webchat helpful shopping concierge 2

Third, proactive webchat serves as a shopper concierge and utilizes the customer's purchasing history to conveniently suggest cross-buy options. This not only expands the customer's lifetime value but also helps shoppers solve their problems more efficiently.

For instance, Pure Formulas can implement proactive webchat shopper concierge on product details pages to recommend cross-buy experiences between personal care products and nutritional supplements that work together to address shoppers' skincare concerns.

Here's an example:

"Hey Jenny, how's that facial cleanser treating you? 👀 I highly recommend trying our Omega-3 Fatty Acids. By combining these two products, you can effectively enhance your skincare routine from the inside out! 💁‍♀️✨"

proactive ai webchat utilize purchase history

This proactive message encourages Jenny to consider purchasing complementary products that enhance her skincare routine. By leveraging the shopper's previous purchase history, the webchat aims to provide personalized recommendations and improve the overall shopping experience.

4. Boost Conversions: Webchat Proactively Assists Customers on Shopping Cart and Checkout Pages

When customers hesitate on the shopping cart or checkout page, brands can proactively provide assistance through webchat, leveraging personalized prompts based on each shopper's preferences to effectively reduce cart abandonment rates. 

In the retail industry, notable brands like Eddie Bauer have implemented digital workers such as Linc's "Promo Finder" and "Promo Support" to optimize the customer journey. Combining proactive webchat with prompt messages, brands can recommend relevant promo codes or assist customers with any promo code issues they may encounter. 

For instance, if a customer falls under the category of a bargain hunter who frequently makes purchases during shopping seasons, brands can actively suggest applicable promotions to motivate them to complete their purchase. 

This approach not only leads to increased revenue and reduced customer acquisition costs but also ensures that customers find the best deal promotion in a timely manner.

linc ai webchat proactively assists customers

5. Enhance the Post-Purchase Experience

Order & Delivery Landing Page

To improve the post-purchase experience and drive revenue, brands can utilize proactive webchat on the order and delivery landing page. By analyzing customers' purchase history, personalized product recommendations can be offered. This approach not only meets individual needs but also generates additional sales.

For example, a proactive message can suggest, "Hey there! We noticed you recently bought a pair of jeans. Want to find the perfect shoes to go with them? Elevate your style game and complete your look with a matching pair of shoes!" This attentive approach demonstrates the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction and encourages further purchases.

ai webchat enhances post purchase experience

In addition, proactive webchat can provide a summary of order or delivery status, promptly addressing customer inquiries. A message such as, "Your package will arrive in 2 days. Thank you for your patience. Would you like to explore complementary products?" showcases the brand's responsiveness and presents an opportunity for further engagement.


Sometimes, proactive webchat serves as a powerful tool to collect feedback from end users. If you are a brand and would like to know more about your customers’ return experience in order to enhance to experience then you could implement proactive webchat to collect feedback on the return summary page. 

For instance, “hi Wendy, you just completed the return process on the pajamas. Do you like to rate your experience? Your feedback will be valuable to us!”

Order Locator

Order Locator

Shoppers can find the order that they would like to make a return on Brand’s Returns Page > Order Locator. However, shoppers need to insert order number, email address, and zip code in order to search for a particular order. If a shopper idle on order locator page for a long time, assuming he or she is looking for order number. As a result, this will be a good time to proactively assist the customer.

For example, “Looking for order number? You can type “order status” in the webchat to use your email to find the order number.” with CTA buttons “order status” to assist shoppers finding their order numbers. 

6. Boost Loyalty Program Engagement with Proactive Webchat

A Case Study of Linc's Personalized and Contextual Messaging:

Linc’s proactive webchat is a smart tool that not only provide personalized but also contextual messages to engage and assist customers to generate optimal shopping experience. 

When a customer just finish making a return and then browsing the loyalty program landing page, proactive webchat anticipates the shopper would like to know more about rewards that related to this particular return. 

Proactive webchat prompts with message as, “Hey Lydia, just found out that you had returned hoodie, your rewards for this order will be returned back to your account in 72 hours. Do you want to find out other best selling hoodies?”

By incorporating proactive webchat on these relevant webpages, you can provide personalized support, address inquiries promptly, and enhance the overall user experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ai webchat boost loyalty program engagement

In conclusion, the big idea behind proactive webchat is personalization and contextualization.

By leveraging AI-powered technology, brands can engage with customers throughout the entire shopping journey. From welcoming visitors, inviting them to subscribe, assisting them with product questions, nudging them to make a purchase, helping them with post purchase inquiries and finally providing loyalty program and management related services.

Proactive webchat not only engage with customers but also understand and anticipate their needs and desire in order to increase customer loyalty.

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