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3 Must-Know Strategies for Choosing the Right AI Chat & Customer Service Solution 

Thursday August 3rd, 2023 | 10am PT

Customer service automation enhanced by generative AI is revolutionizing the buying experience.

As a result, modern commerce brands are experiencing mounting pressure to deliver exceptional, personalized customer experiences. But, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out which technology partner is the right fit.

In a sea of countless AI solutions, it’s paramount to cut through the noise and build the tech stack that is truly best suited for your needs.

That's where we step in. Join Trevor Imani, Head of Global Sales at Linc, to learn why industry-specific AI matters and uncover key strategies to narrow the search for a solution that will help you create a seamless buying experience from first touch to resolution.

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Trevor Imani, Head of Global Sales at Linc

Trevor Imani

Global Head of Sales
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