Post-Sale Support For Customer Retention

Post Purchase Order Support With Linc

Provide Order Status Proactively

Give your customers immediate updates from the moment a purchase is made for communication of order status, delivery windows or delays.

Give your customers the freedom of choice with BOPIS, BOSS, and curbside pickup options with effective 2-way notification and communication.

Offer Customers Stress-Free In-Store Pickup

Help Modify Orders or Split Shipments

Give your customer options for split shipments, multi-destination and combination orders with out-of-the-box integration with 700+ carriers.

Allow customers to process returns and exchanges easily, without involving a human agent, and seize the opportunity for up-sell and long-term loyalty.

Make Returns & Exchanges Simple

Recommend Products Based On Past Purchases

Utilize a customer's purchase history and your
best-selling items to provide personalized recommendations for their next purchase.

Provide self-service to let your customers rapidly resolve issues around the clock without the need for a live agent.

Let Your Customers
Help Themselves

Ready For Gen 3 Customer Experience?

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