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CX Audit For Retail Brands

Holiday Season: CX By The Numbers


Increase in Revenue Generated

In 2019, brands that employed CX Automation saw average revenue generation of $1.06 per session. By 2021, these brands generated an average of $3.89 per session.


Customer Support Savings

Businesses that had automation solutions deployed in 2019 saw an average annual support cost reduction of $333K, by 2021 that figure exploded to $870K annually.


Product Recommendations

Individualized product recommendation campaigns outperformed traditional promotional campaigns by nearly 300% across our clients.

You may not know how to improve
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The digital customer experience you provide may be missing the mark and leaving revenue on the table.

With this free audit, you will receive the analysis that we use to help top retail brands drive more revenue,  improve CSAT and boost conversions.

Trusted By Top Retail Brands

Pampered Chef CX automation with Linc
Lamps Plus Customer Experience Automation With Linc Gen 3
Carters OshKosh CX Automation With Linc
Scout and Cellar
Farmacy Beauty
Tiffany Corpuz Farmacy Beauty
what they say
“Why we needed a solution like Linc was because we know that it's really about user experience now. We want to meet the customer where they are and Linc helps us do that. "
Tiffany Corpuz
Senior Director of e-Commerce
Farmacy Beauty
Carolina Servigna - Pure Formiuas Success Story with Linc CX Automation Platform
what they say
"Linc is a true innovation partner. They not only understand technology and AI, they helped us build our own automation roadmap and execute it."
Carolina Servigna
Director of Technology
Pure Formulas
Shirley Gao - PacSun Success Story With Linc CX Automation Platform
what they say
"Seeing the power of automation and the benefits of real-time insights, PacSun’s team has formed a close partnership with the Linc Customer Success team to develop quarterly plans on undertaking the next use case sets that can continue to move the needle on customer satisfaction and revenue."
Shirly Gao
Chief Information Officer
What is Gen 3 CX?

Linc’s Team Of CX Experts

Linc was created by a group of experienced and passionate technologists who have built, marketed, sold, and delivered a combined $10 Billion in products.

Linc was named a Brand Experience Award winner by RetailX and Retail Touchpoints.
Linc has assisted in over $150B in transactions with over 100 enterprise customers. 
The Linc platform has helped over 120M consumers by automating over 85% of customer inquiry resolutions.
Linc is the ONLY Gen 3 CX Automation platform purpose-built for retail brands.

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